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The 2 Rich’s (Richard Price and Richard Hoggart) Climbed Kilimanjaro to raise funds for several good causes.

The two heroes in this picture, Richard Price and Richard Hoggart have recently returned from Africa after climbing Kilimanjaro raising money for 4 charities Including the ITPSA), over £8,000 in total, divided equally between the charities. With each Charity receiving just over £2,000 each. 

Here is the original post before their great adventure.

The 2 Rich’s (Richard Price and Richard Hoggart) are climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for several good causes.

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They are embarking on their 10-day trip and 7-day trek on the 18th January 2024, climbing the highest free-standing mountain in the world and the summit is close to 6000 metres!  They will be sleeping on the mountain each night, with many nights subzero before tackling the summit night at midnight and trekking for around 15-16 hours up the final part to see the sunrise and then descend the mountain the same day.

They are raising funds for 4 different charities close to each of their hearts, one of which will be ‘The ITP Support Association’.

Richard Price’s daughter, Layla, was diagnosed with this rare autoimmune blood disorder back in January 2021 at the age of 8 having undergone numerous blood tests and bone marrow biopsy to pinpoint this condition. The ITP Support Association promotes and aims to improve the general welfare of patients of ITP and their families by providing support and information together with working alongside the medical profession to advance the knowledge and treatment available by providing information and funding research into the condition. Layla is now undergoing treatment which, without the invaluable research and support provided by this association, would not be possible.

Richard Price’s other nominated charity will be ‘Coeliac UK’ – Richard Prices’s daughter, Layla, was also diagnosed with this lifelong autoimmune condition following additional blood tests in connection with her ITP back in February 2021. Coeliac UK strive for better gluten free food in more places, providing independent, trustworthy advice and support to their community, and funding crucial research to not only manage the impacts of gluten, but also find the answers to coeliac disease.

Richard Hoggart’s 2 nominated charities will be ‘Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK’ – Richard Hoggart’s nephew, Marley, was diagnosed as a baby with Type 1 of this genetic condition of which affects all of your nerves and makes all of your muscles weak and eventually fail.  Marley is now 3 and receiving a substantial amount of invaluable treatment and support enabling him to live his best possible life.  Richard Hoggart’s other nominated charity is yet to be chosen as this is a difficult decision with so many charities close to his heart.

Funds have been raised for the whole trip meaning that anything they raise will be shared equally between their 4 nominated charities.

The two Rich’s have completed their warmup walk of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and Rich Price has also recently tackled Ben Nevis.  They will be utilising the coming weeks to prepare, practice and train.

Any support, in any way (donations, best wishes, a like on social media or even a good luck message) would be much appreciated.

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