The ITP Support Association

The UK charity
supporting those
affected by ITP

Immune Thrombocytopenia - An autoimmune disorder
causing a shortage of small cells in the blood known as platelets

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The ITP Support Association is a UK registered charity which aims to promote and improve the general welfare of patients, and the families of patients, with Immune Thrombocytopenia (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura)

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What We Do

The ITP Support Association promotes and aims to improve the general welfare of patients of ITP and their families by providing:
  • Patient/parental/antenatal information and support.
  • “Listening ear” contact with nominated volunteers
  • An information pack
  • A quarterly journal,The Platelet
  • Easy to read booklets and factsheets on ITP and associated interests
  • Advice on referrals for difficult or refractory cases
  • Guidelines for schools
  • Protocol for dentists of affected patients
  • Annual conventions featuring leading ITP specialists.
  • Internet forums, Facebook etc.
  • The ITP Support Association is a wholly independent UK organisation and registered charity giving support and information for patients with ITP.

We work with the medical profession in order to advance the knowledge and treatment of ITP by:

  • Funding research into ITP. (We do not fund research that involves any testing on animals)
  • Occasional funding of salaries to pilot a new ITP project (eg. funding ITP nurse, registry co-ordinator, research scientist)
  • Running occasional surveys and collating information
  • Providing feedback on patient concerns to specialists and drug companies
  • Medical seminars for haematologists, paediatricians and other health professionals
  • We are funded mainly by donations and the fundraising activities of volunteers and friends of the Association. We also receive sponsorship from companies involved in research and the treatment of ITP.


The annual membership subscription of the ITP Support Association is £15* per annum.
Get exclusive access to support, groups and meeting dates, forum and our Platelet specialist magazine.

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