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Dr. Cindy Neunert MD MSCS, Prof. Spero R. Cataland MD FAAP (USA), Dr. Adam Cuker MD MS, Dr. Rachael Grace MD MMSc, Prof. James N George MD FACP

1. The History of ITP

2. ITP and Pregnancy

3. What is a Platelet

5. Non-interventionist” approach childhood

6. Activity Restrictions in Children

8. Splenectomy in ITP

9. Can I Die From ITP_

11. Surgery in the Patient with ITP

12. Alternative & Herbal Remedies

18. ITP, Sports, and Sports Injuries

19. After Failure of Splenectomy

24.Treatment by increasing platelet production

25. What happens to adults with ITP

28. The Relationship between ITP and lupus

30. Development of New Drugs for ITP

31. Menstrual Periods in Women with ITP

32. Coping with Pred (book review)

33. Assessment of Bleeding Severity in ITP

37. Prevention of infections in asplenics

38. Who cares for patients with ITP_

39. Who Needs the New TPO Drugs for ITP_

40. TPO Drugs for Children

41. Platelets & English Walnuts

42. Let’s Let The Kids Be Normal

42. Let’s Let The Kids Be Normal

43. Silent Haemorrhage in ITP

44. When Bad Bleeding Happens

45. How often does ITP occur_

46. How do haematologists treat ITP patients

47. A healthy child with low platelets – ITP_

48. A healthy adult with low platelets – ITP_

49. It’s not only about bleeding

50. Vitamins, Alcohol, and ITP

51. Hereditary (Familial) Thrombocytopenia

52. What is a Full Blood Count

53. Abnormal Blood Clots in ITP 2

54. Treating Children; Who & When

55. Immunosuppressive Therapy & ITP

56. Platelet Counts During Pregnancy

57. Vaccinations & ITP An ounce of prevention

58. Spinal Anaesthesia, & Childbirth

59. ITP & Depression

60. Adherence to Therapy

61. Bone Marrow Biopsy

62. Don’t forget Splenectomy

63. Splenectomy in Children

64. Taking Blood Thinners with ITP

65. ITP Platelet Counts and Pregnancy

66. ITP and New treatments – The view from the other side of the pond

67. New Drugs for ITP – Why Wait?

68. How do ITP patient know?

Quality of Life

70. New Drugs for an Old Disease

72. COVID and ITP

73. Teaching a New Dog a New Trick

74. COVID Vaccine and ITP

75. Participating in Research

76. What is Vaccine induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT)

77. ITP and immunocompromised

78. Revisiting Splenectomy for Treating ITP

79. ITP and Fatigue