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Selected articles from previous issues of the Platelet

These are selected articles from previous issues of the Platelet Journal

Please note they should be used for information only, for the latest information please refer to our shared decision making booklets and the latest editions of the Platelet Journal.

All these files are in PDF format.

1. Colds and Influenzas

2. ITP & Skin Irritation

3. MMR vaccine & ITP

4. Needlephobia

5. Hayfever & ITP

6. ITP and School Attendance

7. Investigation and Treatment of ITP

8. Insurance Issues

9. Accessing drug information

10. Is it worth the risk

11. Moving to Senior School

12. Medical cards & jewellery

13. Healthy Eating with ITP

14. Helicobacter pylori and ITP

16. A summary of low platelet disorders

17. Night Calls

18. Service Recruitment & ITP

19. Your Dental Questions Answered

20. Women’s Questions Answered

21. New Insights Into What Causes ITP

22 – Neonatal Thrombocytopenia

23 – Post Transfusion Purpura

24. ITP & job interviews

25. The Versatility of Platelets

26. ITP – A diagnosis of exclusion

27. ITP in Dogs

29. Flying & ITP

30. Who needs Vit D supplements

31. Why don’t we see an immunologist

33. Sustained responses with TPO drugs

34. Is splenectomy a valid option

35. Where we are with ITP today

36. Young platelets are better!