Are you seen at an ITP Clinical Centre? If yes please take the time to complete our survey

The ITP Support Association was instrumental in bringing together leading ITP clinicians in Sept 2011 for the purpose of establishing a network of recognised ITP centres of excellence around the UK. In the six years that have followed, many patients have requested referrals to these ITP Clinical Centres, and the Centre Directors are running a very active ITP Forum which coordinates their expertise to encourage better management, research and clinical trials. 

We are now inviting feedback from patients or parents who attend one or more of the ITP Centres listed on the ITP Forum website (opens in new window)  to assess whether they are meeting your expectations.  ITP can be a difficult disease and as we recognise that it is more likely to be patients with problematic ITP who ask for a referral, we are interested in knowing about your overall experience of attending your ITP Centre rather than how successful they has been in raising your platelet count. If you or your child are being seen, or have been seen (even on a one off occasion) at an ITP Centre we would be most grateful if you would complete a survey at: