Birmingham Childrens Hospital rated outstanding

Birmingham Children's Hospital has become the first of its kind in the country to be rated outstanding by the health watchdog, The hospital which is also one of our ITP Clinical Centres tweeted: "We're proud to be the first children's hospital in the country to be rated 'outstanding' by @CareQualityComm. #ByYourSide".

You can read the CQC report here

Influenza Vaccine and ITP

Please note that this general advice on the influenza vaccine has been written by one of the Association's medical advisors, Dr John Grainger, but it does not replace any advice given to you by your consultant or GP who knows you and your ITP.

The influenza vaccine has been linked to the development of ITP in a small number of adults and may cause a dip in platelet counts in children or adults receiving the vaccine. However, the risks are higher for children (or adults) who are unvaccinated and develop influenza.

Newly diagnosed ITP (Within 3 months of diagnosis)
My preference is to avoid the ‘flu vaccine unless there are other co-existing medical conditions, such as cardiac disease or asthma.

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