The TRAPeze (Thrombopoietin Receptor Agonist Patient experience) survey

The TRAPeze (Thrombopoietin Receptor Agonist Patient experience) survey

About the survey

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new survey, the TRAPeze study is about life with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). We would like to understand how ITP affects your daily life and what treatments and services are available to you. Your answers can help raise awareness about the treatments and services that patients need and prefer.

This survey may be completed by you independently or with help from your family members, carers or friends.

Who is conducting the survey?

The study is conducted by an independent UK-based company called Wickenstones, in collaboration with the ITP Support Association and a steering committee that includes a range of clinical experts in ITP. The study is sponsored by Sobi, a pharmaceutical company.

To complete the survey click this link >>>

How will my personal information be protected?

The survey questions do not require you to provide your name or other identifying information. All your answers will be treated as confidential and stored securely, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. You will not be identified in any reports, publications or presentations that may follow from this study. If you would like further information about how your personal information will be managed and to see what information is held about you, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Will I find out about the results of the survey?

The researchers plan to publish the results of the study at a major international congress and in a medical journal - you should be able to find these online after publication.

To complete the survey click this link >>>